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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides important and up-to-date information to the public and healthcare providers on the status of reported cases of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) across the United States. Initial cases were reported in Wuhan, China and it is currently thought that the most likely mode of transmission is human to human.  There are several reports of transmission from an asymptomatic person with the infection, so there remains much to be learned about how COVID-19 spreads

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Friday, November 13, 2020
Blue Bell Country Club Clubhouse
"Current Concepts of Sleep Disordered Breathing"

Christina Lajoie
Sleep disordered breathing is one of the hottest topics in dentistry today, and oral appliances used to treat sleep disordered breathing have evolved significantly over the past 25 years. From early boil and bites, to single position, to titratable appliances; including the Telescopic Sleep Herbst® and the Klearway™, to the D-SAD™ and Medley appliances. The evolution towards adjustability has allowed doctors to start therapy with their patients in a more comfortable position and gradually move to an optimal therapeutic position. Patient comfort is a vital element of appliance therapy as comfort leads to improved patient compliance. However, achieving proper bite registration is critical to successful sleep appliance therapy. A hands-on bite registration demonstration using the George Gauge™ will be conducted and information on how to select the right appliance to address your patient's unique dental conditions will be presented. The introduction of new technology for home monitoring, such as the Nonin WristOx2® Pulse Oximeter and the Medibyte® Lite, has allowed doctors to evaluate appliance effectiveness quantitatively and share data more effectively with physicians co-managing the case. A discussion of home monitors and their application will conclude the course.